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Golden Sun Remix?!?

2008-12-23 17:29:48 by Reaper93

That's right, I've taken my measly skills to the next level - a remix! I was thinking about Tetris, but then I would need to do a techno build progression, and frankly that just takes too much time. So instead I've submitted a preview for a cover of Golden Sun's Saturos Battle track created by yours truly*. Vote fairly, I am new at this, after all.

*Grammar clarification - the creator, yours truly, is of the cover of the track. The original this is based on is in no way mine, nor would I claim ownership of it.

UPDATE - 1/27/09 (That's right, I use the US date system, suck it :p)

Submitted an updated version of the mix, still maybe only 60% done at best.

UPDATE - Yeah this is nowhere near fucking done >.<

A song?! Madness!

2008-10-19 01:45:01 by Reaper93

Well, I made a song. That's right, stop the presses - the review monster expecting reviews? Since when! Hah, right. Anyway, it's not so great, it's a pretty generic loop, with a lot of repetition, but all artists must start somewhere, right?


Guys? Where are you going?? Come back! :(

EDIT - Oh shit, it's up!

And it's just as terrible as I remember! Here's hoping for zero bombs :D

Reaper Reviews

2008-09-19 19:01:59 by Reaper93

Now with 300% more knowledge of Fruity Loops 8.02!

And 200% less free time. :(

more junk

2008-07-17 17:55:31 by Reaper93

Well, I'm still not feelin' great, but I'll try to get more reviews out there. I know how you audio guys dig reviews!

Also, my favorite lists aren't in any particular order, besides when I remember/decide to add people/things to them.

EDIT - I've put a new avatar up, be sure to let me know what you guys think! Wouldn't do any good to have a scruffy looking reviewer, eh?


2008-04-26 15:07:22 by Reaper93

I'm not feelin' too hot lately, don't expect too many reviews :(

Great news, everyone!

2008-02-14 23:34:41 by Reaper93

I shall be re-exerting myself to provide many quality reviews in an attempt to remove the shame of some of my two-liner "good job, moving on" style reviews from my period of far too little sleep.

Mah reviews! They are not as helpful as I thought :(

2008-01-15 20:30:56 by Reaper93

My reviews, numbering 75, have only about 15 rated helpful... the rest aren't even responded to, helpful or not wise :|

What's more, only 23ish of my reviews have been responded to. Less than a third? It's common courtesy to at least leave a thank you, you ungrateful motherfuckers!

Also, where the hell have my reviews been going? Two disappeared since I was last here! Stupid newgrounds! >:(

Update - Gah, there went another one! What is happening to all my helpful reviews!!! ><

Update 2 - Aha, I figured it out I think! I reviewed WIPs, and then they were removed and replaced with the full version! Or at least that's what happened to the last one.

Back to Reviewin'

2007-10-19 16:17:21 by Reaper93

Well, I think my blams and saves will just have to stay broken, because I can't be bothered. Back to reviewing music for me.


2007-09-17 18:36:47 by Reaper93

None of my blams seem to be working. Any votes that were supposed to accrue me blam points have failed to do so, or are taking an obscenely long time (after around 15 successful blams I only have two blam points...). If you know why this might be, please get in on the helping in my thread in the forum's "where/how to" section.

Update - I am recording future blams for the period of about a week. So, after that time, I should have evidence one way or the other.

Yeah... news post... right...

2007-09-04 23:29:16 by Reaper93

Well, here goes. I am the Reaper. And I have a couple of numbers after my name. There ya go. As for what I do here on Newgrounds, I mostly patrol around looking for stuff that's dying so I can remove the soul before it stains and sets in on this pretty new gray and black background.

So that's my job here, more or less. Oh, and I write music reviews, too. Maybe flash reviews. I dunno. Oh, right, I also occasionally talk as though I'm from Scotland. Yeah, a Scottish Grim Reaper, I know.

That's all for now, I suppose...