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This movie is... awesome!

Not enough time for a big, helpful review, but it's well animated, not laggy, not too long, to the point, and the undead clown's weapons upgrade as he goes along. And he fights some DJ playing fucking CNB's lazy summer days. What more could you WANT out of a Madness movie?! 10'd and 5'd!

Wow. Very wow.

This movie is well drawn, executed, and has very few flaws. Many of those few flaws consist of many, many spelling errors (it's = it is, not a possessive, for instance). The only flaw that really wasn't resultant from a typo or improper grammar was how quickly the action went, and trying to read what the characters were saying while following along with what they were doing at the same time proved very nearly impossible.

If those two things are fixed in the sequel you obviously set yourself up for, the movie may in fact be better than some of the original madness movies.

Xionico responds:

thanks XD, and yeah...some english words, such as when to use it`s or its, slip by when i write D: but if i made the subtitles in spanish everyone would want to eat me alive xD

thanks for the review >:)

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Pay attention you might miss something...

The attention to tiny details in this song is really quite amazing. Even paying full attention it's hard to tell all of the layers that're going on sometimes, and with little touches like a barely-audible cymbal in one of the transitions this displays a pretty superb grasp of how a whole is more than the sum of its parts in music. Absolutely enjoyable, lovin' it. Cheers.


Been a while since I've given a review, but figured I'd drop one or two while I checked out the top songs tonight.

I've gotta say, this being the list of top songs does not disappoint. It sounds sort of like it has a subdued punk style to it, almost like something Pendulum might make, though admittedly their last dubstep track was a bit more of a departure.

Still, that tangent aside, it's very well put together, and I like that it has a lot of actual tone to it and not just the ridiculous bass filtering common to a lot of dubstep. Don't get me wrong, it has plenty of ridiculous bass filtering, but the fact that it has a really nice contrast between the lyrical parts and the bass dropping is wonderful. A lot of tracks just hammer you and refuse to let up, but I think the different elements works in its favor a lot. Makes it fresh, at least for me, so great stuff and keep it up.


It's a bit minimal for my taste but it punches my ears out.

That is to say, dayum it's punchy :p

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