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Keep makin' posts...

2009-05-22 00:15:25 by Reaper93

Because even though nobody comments on them it makes me feel productive.

So nyah!

Also, remastering and mixing of my Golden Sun mix is underway with incredibly slow progress because I'm still learning percussion in FL Studio (and indeed, whitey's got minimal rhythm, so it's tough to get the beat right as well).


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2009-05-22 01:00:45

Send me a PM once that mix is done. I loved the Golden Sun series.

Enjoy the remainder of your twenty-four hour span of time.

Reaper93 responds:

Can do, have to remaster almost the entire thing to fit the drums into the mix though, so it'll probably be a few days at least :(


2009-05-22 15:22:04

Fuck Newgrounds.

Reaper93 responds:

Disgruntled man is disgruntled!